SyncWise Launches Pinpoint App.

It’s easy to use, compatible with all types of vehicles/assets, and offers families and businesses alike a tracking solution that provides peace of mind & increases efficiency.

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (MAY 15, 2019) –  SyncWise LLC. Today announced the immediate release of its latest mobile app, Pinpoint is now available to download for iOS and Android devices free of charge. Unlike other complex and confusing tracking systems, Pinpoint is a user-friendly app, that requires minimal effort to set-up, and is even easier to use. Concerned parents, and business owners alike can easily locate, track, and receive alerts & notifications on a wide variety of vehicles and assets/valuables, from anywhere in the world when registering with one of SyncWise’s certified GPS Tracker devices.

While SyncWise has been successful in developing software application and solutions within B2B markets… it recently saw a need in modern consumer markets to develop an easy to use app for end user consumers. While there are a variety of GPS tracking devices currently available on the market, they often fall short by providing limited, unreliable, and confusing application solutions- not to mention premium price tags for hardware and cell-plans. As SyncWise partners with major cell providers, like Sprint and Vodaphone, their GPS Trackers are guaranteed to provide reliable and full coverage from anywhere in the world*

Details on how to download the free Pinpoint app, and how to purchase a GPS Tracker device can be found at Devices are also available for sale at Amazon.


Originally founded under L1 Technologies in 2012, SyncWise was created as a Platform as a Service, offering enterprises a solution to manage their operations more effectively by bridging the gap between intelligent devices, software developers, wireless carriers, and merchant services. Harnessing the power of today’s most advanced data management solutions, SyncWise strives to be the leader in developing easy to use products and solutions for our individual consumers, and large partner enterprises throughout the world.

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Paula Gavuglio

Marketing & PR

SyncWise LLC.

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