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About Syncwise

SyncWise develops integrated electric vehicle and robotic control systems connected and managed through a proprietary wireless platform. As both small and large businesses have looked to manage their operations using wireless and cellular networks more efficiently, an end-to-end solution was needed. By developing dynamic systems that integrate seamlessly with devices and wireless networks, SyncWise enables manufacturers to provide customers a smart integrated wireless solution.

Enterprises manufacturing Low Speed Vehicles, Autonomous robotics and other electrified platforms need complex motor control systems that can be managed remotely through a connected platform. With an extensive background in electric vehicle controllers, computer control systems, CAN bus and integrated head units, SyncWise can provide customers an efficient and cost effective end to end solution bringing vehicles and robotics into the 21st century.

Low Speed Vehicles

Asset Management

A complete cloud enterprise software solution to improve industry operations for managing integrated electric vehicles and robotics. Over the Air updates, configurations, tracking, speed and zone control, asset health and complex learning algorithms all provided through Access 360.

SyncWise understands the importance of connectivity for low speed vehicles and robotics, but we support more than just one industry. Through a network of terrestrial wireless partnerships, SyncWise can provide your company an affordable, secure global single SIM solution for your product or solution. Whether you need 100 SIM’s annually or 10,000+, we can provide a low cost solution catered to your requirements. Don't hesitate to learn more about what SyncWise can do for you.


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