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SyncWise specializes in provided end-to-end solutions. From hardware to software, we provide partner enterprises and individuals the power to connect in the digital age.


Provides enterprises an efficient way to develop and provide M2M solutions, with an open API platform for seamless integration. We eliminate the hassle of managing complex relationships and expensive systems.


A complete cloud enterprise software solution designed specifically to improve industry operations. From Asset Management to Food & Beverage, businesses have access to the tools they need to improve overall efficiency.


The simplest way to locate, track and receive device information – from anywhere in the world. It's easy-to-use and is designed with everyone in mind. Click now to learn more about our GPS Trackers the FREE Pinpoint app.

0 Deployed Devices

Thanks to our experienced hardware engineers, we have over 8,000 certified devices released in B2B markets.

0 Happy Clients

Our products and end solutions have helped partner enterprises reach over 120 happy customers.

0 Software Applications

Our team of highly skilled software engineers have developed over a dozen applications to empower our partners.

0 Years of Service

Originally founded under L1 technology, SyncWise has continued to grow on its own with the success of our partners.

What is SyncWise?

SyncWise connects devices to software and software to people through a proprietary Platform as a Service. As both small and large businesses have looked to more efficiently manage their operations using wireless and cellular networks, it was clear an end-to-end solution was needed.
By developing dynamic systems that integrate seamlessly with devices and wireless networks, SyncWise enables enterprises and individual consumers to connect with customers and improve operations in the digital age through SyncWise services: Connect, 360, and Pinpoint.

Our Mission

Harnessing the power of advanced data management solutions, SyncWise strives to be the leader in designing integrated, easy-to-use products and solutions for large partner enterprises and individual consumers throughout the world.

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Our Motivation

Driven by technology’s persistent evolution within the digital age, SyncWise continually seeks to find new and innovative ways to connect with people by bridging the gap between intelligent devices, wireless networks, and end user applications.

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Our People

Our team is ready to take on challenges and is committed to creating the products of tomorrow. With a fast paced and dynamic environment, we work diligently to streamline products into markets for our partners- all while having fun of course.

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Our Integrated Services

SyncWise offers best-in-class service and provides peace of mind to partners. Reach out to learn more about what SyncWise can do for you.

Certified Devices

All of our devices are pre-certified to insure they meet the quality standards expected of an enterprise system. All devices are integrated into the SyncWise Connect API.

Cellular Connectivity

SyncWise Connect provides global coverage for M2M connected devices on GSM and CDMA networks through partnerships with wireless carriers.

PaaS & SaaS Framework

Our connected solutions seamlessly integrate with any system as we architect and develop custom API platforms for IoT solutions and enterprise software systems.

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